Success Story

“Best of luck to you ­Francis!”

Francis Poteet arrived at Founder’s Plaza with a wound on her foot that nearly took her life.

After unsuccessfully healing at another facility, she transitioned with goals of recovery.

 Upon admission, she was almost hopeless, her wound was causing her a great deal of pain and was preventing her from being able to walk or complete everyday tasks with independence.

A tailored treatment plan was created by the team to help her heal her wound and regain her mobility.

The plan included a combination of exercises, wound care techniques and assistive devices. Over the course of a few months, Francis diligently followed the treatment plan and worked with her therapists to gradually increase her strength and mobility.

As a result of her hard work and dedication, the wound finally healed, able to walk again and perform most daily activities without assistance.

She is ecstatic with her progress, expresses gratitude and is excited with plans of reintegrating into the community.